by Pasha Bulka

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released December 13, 2016

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Recording Studios.

Artwork by Joe Andersons & Sam Hodgkins



all rights reserved


Pasha Bulka Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Furnace
Losing momentum quickly, was it ever there at all?
Standing on the shoulders of others won’t make you tall
No impression and no expression, furnace of fatigue
Wearied down for the sweet death of sleep

Failing light, shine tonight
Fluorescent gloom of the factory floodlights hissing from across the road
Failing light, please shine tonight
Illuminated by segregated virtues of gold

Sing to me a soothing song
The outside world has been howling all night long
Sing to me a serenade

I can’t hold on feeling weak
Or maybe I’m lost counting sheep?
Track Name: Defeat
Keep running without reason
From first to last light of day
Corroded message in the concrete (Pleading to stay)

Succumb to the pressure building
How do you find the means to bear the weight

I sit and i think and i sit and i sink
Proactive becomes reductive
Relentless, Endless (A mind trapped in a cage)

I succumb to the pressure building
These hands must repave

I try to stand easy on my own two feet
But these mountains we climb are just far to steep

A withered man stands at the edge of my street
A vacant face staring down at the beading concrete
Maybe in forty years that man will be me
But I attempt my hardest to part with this self defeat

I sit and i think and i sit and i sink
Pro active becomes reductive

Where i am and where i should be
No reason, No relevance
This pounding negligence

Just keep running without reason
Listen for the whisper of a faint call
Just keep running without reason
It’s only a matter of time before i fall

Time is a form of currency which i burn all that i earn
& it pains me how ironically, in time i will learn
To pave these minutes, hours and days into finding self worth
& bridge these gaps of love hate with a focused mind to what i yearn
And even if i fall at least i can say that i tried
Fear of failure isn’t accounted for in the end you just die
All the things i aspire to be in life
Will i rise to the occasion or be left behind?
Track Name: Old Antique Store
Nestle up with your favourite items
No bliss short-lived ignorance in time in which you idle
Borrowed life on borrowed time, obsession with possessions
Control and confine

Days wasted on nothing, value your company, live life & love
In a world so cold, I could make you feel warm

When dust settles my mind to stone
And aches to break my brittle bones
An old man faced with the life he chose
Will I rest my eyes easy?
Stand to face the bracing fall
One thing between us all
It’s just a couple billion blinks and we’re extinct and gone

In a world so cold i could make you warm
The ache it creates a cycle, a pattern forms
Years of neglect, Disregard and ignore
Contempt in the end, life cannot be restored
Nestle up with your items they mean nothing at all
Long lost links in an old antique store