Oyster Cove

by Pasha Bulka

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released November 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Pasha Bulka Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Emptiness
Heavy heart and a hollow mind
You seem to drift in from time to time
Heavy heart and a hollow mind
You never leave my fucking mind

You're always by my side
But no matter how hard I imagine it's all just in my mind
You never leave my side
But no matter how hard I imagine you left me far behind

This feeling pulls me under, consumes me at my core
Inseparable from each other, but now these bonds are no more
Pictures still hold us, constant reminders of the past
Memories of what was, once something I used to have

Heavy heart and a hollow mind
I will love you till the end of time
You're engraved in mind
I just feel so empty inside
Track Name: The Ties That Bind
Stand by my side, I'm going to show you the ways of life
Just take my hand and hold it tight (I'll show you the ways of life)
Don't let them pull you under, Don't give those fuckers a chance
You're a ship in murky water, I'm your lighthouse up ahead

No fear, Just love
Just love for you my brother i'll never let you down
I am, We are
We are your guiding hand

We are the ones the sons of light
We'll help those ones to shape the sky
We are the ones who tighten the ties
And will show them all the ways of life

(We are, sons of light)
(We will, shape the sky)
(We will, tighten the ties)
(Show them, the ways of life)
Don't let them pull you under
Don't give those fuckers a chance
I have love for you my brother
I am your guiding hand

I am your guiding hand
Track Name: Oyster Cove
My father wakes me up, he says son we're going down to oyster cove
We pack some lunch and our fishing rods, and walk down to the boat
I pull the anchor as he starts up the motor and he pushes us through the mangroves
He jumps in as the water gets deep and off we go

Everything is so beautiful out here
My father looks at me and says "I want to tell you a story"
About a father son who had the strongest of bonds through the loss of their mother
They lived along this very river, just along the boardwalk

They used to kayak up and down this river
The son would always wear a life jacket
He was young and he couldn't swim strong, about seven or eight
He went to school caught a bus to and from
He didn't have to many friends
The father worked he worked all day long
And he wouldn't come home till late

And day by day the father would be at work while the son was all alone
He was independant and his grandmother only lived up the road
And he would wait and wait

Until one afternoon his patience was dead and gone
It'd be dark in an hour he'd been waiting for far to long
And so he planned to go out on the kayak
And leave a not for his father
He wouldn't be to long and he would only stay in shallow water
Or so he thought

And all the while
The father was working late
He was almost done and soon would be coming home
That his son his only child wouldn't be at home
He'd be out on the water
But he'd never been by himself before
He wasn't ready at all
So the boy went to the shed opened door picked up the kayak
He was to busy dragging it by himself that he forgot
About his lifejacket
He dragged it along the boardwalk slowly placed it into the water
Grabbed the paddle and realised he didn't have his lifejacket
But thought he'd fine with out it
But he wouldn't be

So slowly he paddled along the river
Staying in the shallows but he thought he'd go deeper
He was paying to much attention to the water
He didn't notice the skies ahead the clouds closing in
Until a drop of rain fell on his forehead
And ran down his face but he chose to ignore it
But then he looked up
He noticed
And then it rained and it rained and it poured
And then it poured it poured and stormed
The river grew agressive and violent
The kayak only handled when the river was silent
The son panicked
He couldn't swim
He tried to paddle but the water consumed him
And then he fell
He fell in

The father finally made it home
He called for his son but he was all alone
Then he saw the note ran down to the river
Saw his son lying dead on the shore
One week later after the funeral
The father was now all alone at home
How was he supposed to cope?
Alone with his thoughts and a rope.

He ties the rope around his throat
He's got nothing to lose no more hope
He writes his mother a suicide note
He kicks the chair and lunges forward
What a sad dark day at Oyster Cove